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Save up to 25¢* per gallon when you purchase gas via the My Conoco® App.

The My Conoco® App is safe and secure. And for a limited time, you can get up to 10¢* off per gallon when you purchase gas via the My Conoco® App. Then save another 15¢* per gallon when you use direct pay or the Conoco® Credit Card in the My Conoco® App. Download today, setup your mobile wallet and spend less to get where you're going. Offer ends 3/31/2022.

*25¢ is a combined savings of 10¢ off per gallon (up to 30 gallons) at the pump at participating Conoco® locations AND 15¢ off per gallon when you pay for fuel using your select payment methods within the My Conoco® App. Offer valid through 3/31/22.

How it works



the app on iTunes or Play Store.



an account to setup your wallet and unlock reward features.



at the pump or inside the store.

Pay at the Pump and In-Store

The My Conoco® App makes it simple and fast to pay for fuel at the pump and buy your favorite snacks inside the store.

Kickback Rewards

Load your Kickback Rewards Card in your wallet to earn points on purchases. If you don’t have a card, you can register for a digital one inside the app.

Manage Your Conoco® Credit Card

Apply for and manage your Conoco® Credit Card from the app, so you can check your balance and make payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Wallet

What should I do if my account number is not visible when adding synchrony card or if I don’t receive the security code needed to add my Synchrony Account?

Please contact Synchrony Customer Service at 1-855-513-1176 for assistance. Once you are registered, visit for more information.

How do I change my checking account in Direct Pay?

Please email Direct Pay at or contact them by phone at 844-272-6616 to change your account information.

If I have a problem with my credit or debit account, who do I contact?

Your card issuing bank.

Onsite Payment

Why did my QR code time out during a purchase in the store?

If it appears that the QR code is not working, please hit the GENERATE code button immediately prior to the cashier scanning your code to refresh it.


What is Direct Pay? Is it safe? Why is it asking for my Driver’s License or personal information?

Direct Pay is an ACH debit product that allows you to link to your checking account for payment. This is a secure form of payment as no account details are exchanged during a purchase. This feature utilizes resources to ensure that the information you entered is correct; that you are actually you.


How do I make sure my apps are working at their best?

Close your apps daily and restart your phone weekly. Check for updates to make sure you are using the latest version of your operating system and your apps. Make sure your “Location” and “Cellular Data” are turned on in your phone settings for the desired apps.

Why am I not receiving a discount?

Check the paper receipt details to be sure that you did not receive the discount. Click history, the transaction, then view paper receipt. If you find that you did not receive a mobile pay discount, please call Consumer Services 1-800-527-5476 available 8-5 CST M-F.